October 01, 2006

Stop the Merchants of Death

People Power and Profiteering


-create strategic partners
-identify stakeholders/allies, including celebrities, environmental groups, children of execs)
-work with existing campus anti-war groups on education analysis

- utilize SMOD riseup list for email discussions – profiteers@lists.riseup.net
- make better use of existing internet resources (links on WRL site)
- develop counter corp recruitment web portals (parsons)

Short Term (0 -12 months)
-identify decision-makers of war profiteering (corporations, universities)
-identify resources
-schedule another SMOD conference
-inspire/motivate larger national anti-war groups to take on PPS
-target Parsons
- pitch Democracy Now! tour of war profiteers offices/operations
-outreach to consumer, tax-payer groups about fleecing and wasted by war profiteers
- develop state by state analysis that contrasts cost of war (nationalpriorities.org); disseminate to congressional candidates and representatives, educators, public officials, etc.
- brand activist effort/network to “stop the merchants of death” (and perhaps come up with better phrase than “merchants of death”, e.g., war profiteers)
-identify places to act (geographically)
-identify a timeline
- smash capitalism and the state ; )
-birddog congressional candidates (what positions did they take)
- refine and identify pillars

Intermediate (6 months – 2 years)
-build stronger analysis
- develop overarching story; figure out the “rap”
- develop message for red America
- articulate strategic frameworks for effective collective action
-develop tool kit for organizing high schools
-connecting climate and militarist work on campus (climate campus challenge and student anti-war groups)
- develop cooperatively owned factories (e.g., ford); see the movie, “the Take”)
-develop movement to de-privatize military
- organize coordinated days of action and direct action; mass mobilization at targeted corporations
-incorporate intelligence/interrogations war profiteering
- advance divestment campaigns on campus
- create comprehensive list of corporations that are contractors (defense, reconstruction, subcontractors),what they do, where their CEOs live, etc.
- foment dissent within the military re. Privatization
-analytical approach to corps: who are they; who is being actively campaigned against?
-campaign finance reform
-presence everywhere: coordinate actions or specific days of action, nationally and internationally
-promote books, video highlighting war profiteers
-exchanging info on economic conversion

Long term (2 years plus)
-provide long term economic alternatives
- demilitarize universities
- scuttle the proposed “middle east free trade area”
- stop the war in iraq,Afghanistan & palestine / prevent future wars
- end the corporate occupation of iraq and afghanistan




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