October 19, 2006

Report from the Technology Working Group


(Things we’d like to see done)

A Directory of all SMoD Nat’l. Conference attendees

made available to all attendees

Means of outreach to others

Concentrate on local groups affected

(Check “National Priorities Project” for those most affected by the corporate-military budget; contact them)

Use “MySpace” and “YouTube”

NB: WRL has a “MySpace.”

War profiteering working group = CONTRACTS group. Washington DC

Some conference calls

Note: failed to set up “Truman Commission” in Congress.

Listserv; can be with a nonprofit. Charlie Cray; Taxpayers for Common Sense.

Waxman’s staff is on it.

Could WRL put up a “blog” of counter-corporate actions across the nation?



Arms Trade Resource Center

NB. Frida Berrigan often collects and “popularizes” the research.

Center for Defense Information


Short guide, on web, with many links, to help with YOUR community’s war profiteers;

Concentrating on WMD.

Working vs. corporate “personhood”

Has Manual locating local MoDs.

POCLAD (Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy)

Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities


Corporate Watch

Corporate Watch moving toward a kind of “Wiki” on corporations. Cross between Wiki and Source Watch. Check every 15 days. When verified, it’s “locked.”

Similar: Source Watch, run by PR Watch

[Wikipedia – open to all.

Sourcewatch – someone watches it, if you don’t have a source, I won’t publish it.]

NB: people can do bits of research.

United Nations Environmental Program meeting in Nairobi

NB: People (especially youth) are more easily “grabbed” by environment than by war.

Jarret Lovell

Can provide university resources

(Some copying, Printing, etc.)


TIDES Foundation



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