March 23, 2007

We need a name!

What do you get when you cross the military industrial complex with a broad-based grassroots movement for peace and justice? This network! But what do we call ourselves? We need a name that encompasses both our vision for a better world and our methods (stopping war profiteers!) Here are some suggestions so far! Send your suggestions to

  • Stop the War Profiteers Network
  • Network Against the War Economy
  • Network Against War Profiteering
  • Network Opposed to the Militarization of Everything
  • Demilitarization of Everything Network
  • Demilitarizaton Network (Dmz N)
  • Demilitarized Zones Network (DMZ Net)
  • People Over Profit: Stopping War Profiteers (POP-SWAP!)
  • Peace-Economy Alternatives to Corporate Exploitation and Profiteering of Occupation, War, and Reconstruction (PEACE-POWR)
  • War Profiteers Conversion Laboratory
  • Stop the Merchants of Death Network
  • Armistice Race


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